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Welcome to Inland Northwest Therapy

Welcome to Inland Northwest Therapy. We are a pediatric therapy clinic and healthcare staffing company providing services in Spokane and Airway Heights, Washington, and Idaho. We offer a broad range of services from providing quality therapy at our Spokane based clinic to nationwide health care staffing solutions. We serve patients in the community, school districts, hospitals, government agencies and rural and under served areas.   We believe quality therapy services should be accessible to everyone, regardless of geographic location. Our professional services include, Occupational, physical, speech therapy, orthotic & prosthetic design, educational psychology, and other allied health professionals.

Our mission is simple:   To provide high quality evidence based health care in a changing health care system.  To promote wellness and healthy living in order to prevent future chronic illness and reach maximum potential. To provide these services to those in our local community as well as remote and rural areas where these services may not be available.

CAGE Code: 7UAA1;   DUNS #  080612719

NAICS:  621340, 621, 624120, 624410


Sympathetic consciousness of others distress and a desire to alleviate it.

There is no replacement for human compassion and kindness in the provision of health related services.


The quality of being able to adjust to new conditions.

In an ever-changing healthcare system we must adapt to new ways of delivering quality health related care. We adjust to the needs of those we serve.


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

Our staff strive to provide the best care for your loved ones and do so with the highest level of integrity.